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You are my someone

It’s a connection we can’t explain. Whether you met at school or later in life, there’s this one person that never leaves your mind.
First and last thought of the day, a feeling in your heart that stays there forever.

The Hanging inspiration’s authentic macrame and table decor captured the edgy Bohemian feel. A combination of wedding favors from Skoonsus had everybody’s mouth watering.

Scrumptious cake by Sweet joy cakes complimented the style by incorporating the colours and textures of the dress. Storybook designs perfectly matching stationery gave the finishing touch to the engagement shoot and added the finer detail.

Dressed in a soft satin rope from All things bridal getting ready was so relaxed and enjoyable. Enhance beauty and makeup brought out Elna’s stunning eyes with just the perfect combination of sensual and romantic make up.
Ruhan looked so handsome dressed in a sage green suit from Smart guy

The engagement proposal was captured in a very natural, fun free spirit by Flip from Themephotography. 

The stunning ring and jewellery from Jenna Clfford really took Elna’s breath away.

Elna’s 3 part dress designed by NewRomantics offered her the flexibility to change throughout the day.
For the actual engagement proposal she was dressed in a soft flowy mesh dress with 3d lace detail and low back.
A soft mesh jacket with wide flowy lace edged sleeves added to the Bohemian feel
Underneath the decorative mesh layer she Nadene form New Romantics made her a dark ecru lace layer which created a more sensual romantic look.
Lastly she had a more playful sexy floral dress with detachable sleeves, perfectly for sunsets by the pool.