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Meant to be Wesley & Anika Myburgh

Anika and Wesley met each other while still in school. Wesley was the catch amongst the girls. Everybody, including Anika, had a crush on him. But Anika herself stood out, being one of the top students and being crowned as Miss Linden.
As they are both very focused, hard-working and having a healthy social life there was no time for a serious relationship.

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If you love romance
and are open to new ideas
then New Romantics loves you.


New Romantics want to make the lead up to your wedding a special, personalised experience. Inspired by a love for fashion and everything beautiful, we only create quality handcrafted designer pieces in our Johannesburg studio.

Show off your 2-in-1 wedding dress! These detachable dress pieces allow you to change your look up or down during the ceremony or reception. Revealing something unique and completely different for the rest of the wedding. The dress is everything. Break all the bridal rules and custom make your dress! 

A selection of designer bridal and couture gowns.
Designed and made by hand to hire or buy.
For the bride who's in a league of her own.



The art of designing is part of me since my birth and I am blessed with the talent of artistic inventions. Various colours, patterns and textures of material inspire me and lead me to purposely produce a special garment just for you! 

For more than twenty years I have dressed beautiful brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and matric farewell girls. Their dreams and feelings are woven into each individual’s dress to enhance their wonderful occasions