When Life Gves you Lemons

When you plan your wedding, you will most definitely get a full basket of lemons.

You probably dreamt about this beautiful spring garden setting, then you’re fiancé gets hay fever . Or you wanted a beach wedding with seafood platters but your in laws are allergic to shellfish. Worst for the bride is the realization that you’re probably not going to fit in the dream dress your 6 year old self was dreaming about.

These are just a few obstacles. Serious stuff still to come; budget, number of guests and if we didn’t have enough to worry about the world gave us Corona.

But through it all you need to please everyone and enjoy planning your wedding.
So change your lemons into juice. Rather have an open mind about all the arrangements.

When you change the way you look at life, life changes

A few tips for the controlling bride who oh no is not a bridezilla

Be realistic. Don’t force people or thing into your vision that just can’t be. Change the things you can and accept the things you can’t. you will fell a massive weight lifting from your shoulders.

Delicate. Give small and big tasks to friends and family members. From the little flower girl who can be in charge of the confetti, you will be amazed how capable a 8year old can be. Or Granny can help with the cake tasting. For someone to feel needed is the best gift ever. Then you will feel like a guest at your wedding and have a few small surprises . Believe me your guests who helped will be so proud of themselves and will make them feel like VIP.

Color choices: don’t be to set on everything must be the same shade of pink or yellow. You will just give yourself an ulcer. From flowers, ribbon or fabrics will not get the perfect match. Again just accept the things you can’t change.

Then most important Brides.

Do not change how you look before you walk down the aisle. Just now your fiancé doesn’t recognize you and marries your sister.

He fell in love with you as you are. Yes you can loose a few kgs, but don’t let it stress you out. You will pick it up on the honeymoon in any case. Rather shop around for a dress that enhances your figure as is. Then you feel comfortable in your most important dress that you are going to wear for quite a few hours.

Your wedding dress is you and reflex your personality, discuss all your dreams and insecurities with your designer.