Toe Word ons Een

Then we became one

Venue: Kuthaba bush lodge
Fotograaf: Kreativ Photography

Shamodene en Juan Boucher 24 Maart 2021
Isn’t these the most romantic words, just makes your heart melt.
Exactly what happened when Shamodene, just a girl asking the singer Juan a few months ago if he could one day sing his famous song “Toe word ons een” sing on her wedding day.
Juan, not being the shy guy immediately answered “sure, I’ll sing it to you on our wedding day”
And then fairy tales still come true, as they got married a year and a half later.
But it wasn’t love at first sight. Shamodene admitted her first impression of Juan is that he is a real flirt.
Shomodene was on a 5-day cruise ship from Walvisbaai to Cape Town and Juan was one of the singers who entertained the guests on the ship. Mutual friends introduced them. Shamodene knew about him and had heard some of his songs but didn’t really know who he was.
They enjoyed each others company on the ship, after the trip, Juan invited her to his farm in Loeries fountain for a visit.
Later on, he asked her to help him find a house where he could work and write. He lived a nomadic life, drifting from friend to friend’s house. As he was always on the road and performing.
Just before lockdown in March last year, Juan with a teddy bear and perfume in hand he asked her in a very schoolboy fashion to be his girlfriend.
After going through lockdown together he proposed on Christmas eve.
The rest is history.
Although everyone might have aspected a very glamorous wedding they chose a natural intimate wedding. Staying true to their personality.

Shamodene’s dress was simple and elegant. Soft flowy chiffon skirt with a slit, bringing out her sexy playfulness.
The romantic low back lace bodice complimented her beautiful figure and tiny waist. Edged off with fine eyelash lace.
She truly took his breath away as she walked down the aisle
To add to the romance the words of the song was printed on the isle for Shamodene to read as she entered the breathtaking Kuthaba Bush lodge

‘Ons word een, in siel en gees.
En dis waar ek wil wees.
Ek’s gemaak om vir jou lief te wees’

His 2019 hit song also was the theme for their wedding. TOE WORD ONS EEN standing proudly on the dance floor