Say Yes to the Dress

Finally, your boyfriend proposed and now your states are upgraded from girlfriend to fiance. The most magical feeling. You dream of your breathtaking gorgeous bridal gown.
And then major stress and your start getting heart palpitations before you even start the ‘planning a wedding process.

Tips on finding the right dress

  • Be open-minded. Try on a few different styles even the ones that are not appealing on the hanger. Very often the dress looks completely different on than on the rail. That being said, be conscious not to try on too many. The whole process loses its wonder and it turns into an exhausting confusing exercise. Believe me for your best besties as well.
  • Wear the right underwear and remember there will be an assistant helping you get into the dress, if you shy wear ski pants underneath.
  • Manage your expectations. You might not get that ‘love at first sight feeling. Like in the movies. It is different for everyone. And that is ok
  • Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in. it will show in your smile if your dress is too tight or scratches. You will spend a couple of very important hours in your dress.
  • Be open to alterations. A few nip and tucks will make a huge difference. But do not get a dress and change too much that the whole process becomes a nightnaire. Rather then have a custom made dress designed and made for you. An experienced designer will guide you and give you honest advice.
  • Be aware of not becoming a bridezilla. Be calm and trust your loved ones, they do have your best interests at heart.
    Very important: know your budget. You want your dream, but we all have to be realistic.

Very important: know your budget. You want your dream, but we all have to be realistic.

Where do you start, it is very overwhelming. Do not stress; Come and visit the Big Bridal Pop-up shop at Diep in die Berg this weekend.

A large variety of designer dresses at bride friendly prices. You can make your dream a reality.

Keep Calm
Buy the dress

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