Congratulations on all the newly engaged couples. Now the big planning starts!

There are a couple of wedding expo’s. The year starts off with the favorite expo at Oakfields wedding venue the 28th and 29th of Feb.

Planning your wedding can be very stressful and almost always causes disagreements. You might often wonder whether you have made the right choice to get married after all!

Here are a few tips:-

Put yourself and your partner first. It’s your wedding, not your parent’s or friend’s! Ask each other what type of wedding the two of you would prefer – formal, country, beach, medieval or your personalised choice.

Decide on a budget. You don’t want to start your marriage with a big wedding debt. Accept that it will be costly but you need it to be special to remember it for years to come!

Divide the responsibilities and tasks. Don’t be a control bridezila. When you have asked a person to do certain things, leave them and trust them. People feel good about themselves when they are trusted with responsibilities. It is good for their self-esteem. Set dates to report to you.

Be open to change. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect to the last little rose petal on the table, but things don’t always work out exactly as planned. You might not find the correct shade of decor or material for bridesmaid dresses or your favorite flower is not in season during your wedding month. Relax and widen your spectrum of choices.

Choosing your bridesmaids:-

Remember the main purpose of a bridesmaid is to help you with planning the wedding and to assist you during the wedding day, not just to look pretty. So rather choose a friend or sister that will be willing to go the extra mile for you, even if she is overweight or pregnant.

Think of a few small surprises for your partner to enhance the excitement, like hiding a note in his socks or a small gift in the fridge or something that will make it special. Keep the romance alive! You can easily be swept away into the planning and forget who and why you are getting married.

Don’t stress your family and friends out over your wedding. They are not going on a honeymoon afterwards. It is so sad to hear people saying that they just want their wedding to be over! It is your special day and you want it to last forever.

I have seen some brides who have managed to stay calm, relaxed and going with the flow and then everything works out perfectly on the wedding day! Decide to be one of them and not panic, stress or be a micro manager. Things might go wrong then and you will just be a ball of knots! It is your day, have fun, laughter and happiness.

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