Pastel Blossoms

Fill your days with laughs, light and smiles.

And then suddenly you know….

It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings
Entering a new phase of your life. Filled with surprises, excitement and a little wonder

This journey you are about to take will not always be smooth sailing and not everything you want, but it will be everything you need. You will learn so much about yourself and your better half and who you are inside. You will grow in ways you never knew you had. You will experience new things and see life in ways you never knew. You will discover magic in the world and all around you in the smallest little things.

Sometimes we are so caught up in life that we forget that we don’t always have to be busy; we don’t always need to be checking our email or rushing to the next thing. If any thing this year reminded us to slow down and that’s ok and absolutely necessary. Take a break and enjoy the little things, the small surprises that fill our lives and become the most important decision and step we took.

Corset style Aline off shoulder wedding dress with boning and encrusted lace detail. The lace detail cascades diagonally down the skit to create an elongated look The lace is a bouquet of pastel colours for a soft romantic look

We have a full skirt in layers of honey comb mesh, soft mesh and a billowing indigo blue chiffon detachable overskirt.

Venue: Ever be wedding venue
Photographer: Brendan Croft
Makeup: Louise Frits