New Romantics at Mad Hatter Fashion Show by Helpmekaar College (Helpmekaar-kollege)

New Romantics, a well-known Wedding and Matric Dress fashion line, was thrilled to participate in the prestigious Mad Hatter Fashion Show for Helpmekaar College (Helpmekaar-kollege).

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The event, held by Helpmekaar College (Helpmekaar-kollege) at Victoria Yards, was a grand affair that brought together numerous celebrated dress designers who came to display their exquisite Matric Dress designs. New Romantics, in keeping with their legacy of high fashion, wowed audiences with an incredible range of designer Matric Dress that were nothing short of mesmerizing.

New Romantics is proud to have been an integral part of this esteemed fashion showcase and is incredibly grateful to Helpmekaar College (Helpmekaar-kollege) for this opportunity to exhibit their unparalleled artistry to all in attendance.

As the models walked down the runway in their stunning outfits, the crowd was in awe of the sublime display of design and craftsmanship. The radiance on the models’ faces was a testament to the level of artistry and dedication that went into creating each outfit.

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