Lights, Music, Models!!!!

Absolutely fabulous dresses. All the models ready for our bridal show.
From slinky elegant to fully beaded, low back, corsets and many more.

In contrast to our new norm with so many covid restrictions as a bride you are spoilt for choice.

Yes styles go in and out of fashion but I believe when it comes to your wedding dress you must listen to your heart, not your mom, sister or bridesmaid. Yes you may value their opinion and it’s good to get another opinion of someone that knows you well but remember for whom you are choosing the dress. For whom you’re doing your makeup, hair and all the fuss- It’s for you as a women. Going from girlfriend to fiance to wife.

The biggest step you take in life.

You need to feel your absolute best, strong, confident and empowered.
You are giving up your single life and some aspects of it but you still need to stay true to yourself

You obviously want to look drop dead gorgeous to your partner. You want to see tears in his eyes and leave him speechless.

There are alot of pressure on the bride. So much more reason that your dress must enhance your beauty and best features. Not be a worry or concern. In order for you to reach the point where you can relax and be confident in your choice of dress you have to trust your designer. Remember it’s just as important to them that you look your absolute radiant best as it’s for you.
To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself, your fiance already did

Trust their advice in choosing silhouette, fabrics and trims. But listen to your gut and heart what suits your personality the best. Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself
There are so many pinterest ideas of gorgeous photo shopped models in a perfect setting and lists of how to goose your dress.
Budget, timing,right silhouette etc.

But most important at the end is how you feel in your heart. Take a moment alone in the fitting room and just look at yourself. Take it in. listen to your heart and remember to have FUN.

Happiness looks gorgeous on you