Enjoy and have fun. You are beautiful and stunning. Your fiancé will love you

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Oh which dress is the best of them all?

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the life’s most stressful decisions. You will be the center of attention on your big day. Whether you are an extrovert or not – the idea is very scary.

Most important is that you enjoy the journey, feel special and have fun.

Here are a few tips:

  • Every bride’s journey is different. We are all different and so our decision making and style. Your friend might have found her dress at the first shop and had the love at first sight experience. There is nothing wrong if it doesn’t happen for you. Or if you don’t get the butterfly feeling. Some of us are more emotional and some more analytical.
  • Start collecting ideas, create a mood board. Not just of your dress but your wedding theme, venue color scheme ext. It’s very helpful for the designer who you have just met to get a feel of your taste and style
  • The first few dresses you fit on is just to get the silhouette. Don’t worry too much on the detail that will come later. Don’t try and put all your life’s dream dresses all into one. Less is more. You don’t want to look like a fabric explosion.
  • Work out your budget. It helps the designer and yourself to work in the right direction, so that you don’t waste time and creating expectations on a design you can’t afford.
  • Start shopping a year in advance. Just get few ideas and costs and give yourself time to let it sink in. then you can start the actual making of your dress 6 months before.
  • Take your mom, sister or best friend with. Not too many people and too many options that will confuse you. Just someone that will be honest and knows you well. Actually a brother or male friend is the best. They will know what your fiancé likes and how he will react when you come down the aisle.
  • Be open minded. Try on different styles even the ones that you didn’t consider in the beginning. You might be surprised. Also you won’t get a panic attack a week before the wedding and start second guessing your dress. You did the homework, you made the right decision. Keep calm and look beautiful in your dress.
  • Don’t cheap out. It’s your wedding dress, your most important dress in your life. You deserve the best. Don’t shop online and buy a knock of designer dress in cheap synthetic fabric and bad workmanship.

Enjoy and have fun.
You are beautiful and stunning.
Your fiancé will love you

Tip: remember you want to look beautiful for your fiancé in your bridal gown. He is the most important person. Not your mother, sister or friend.

FAQ: when should you start dress shopping?

Start a year in advance. Get a few basic ideas and decide on a budget. Start the actual making/ ordering of your dress 6 months before the big day.