All you need is love

As we celebrate Valentine this weekend it’s a good time to reflect back at love and realize it is the glue that holds us all together.

Celebrating Valentine originated at the end of the 5th Century in Rome. A Festival of Lupercelia, held in mid-Feb. they celebrated the coming of spring, including fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. Pope Gelasius replaced Lupercalia with St Valentine’s Day.

At least today we are not paired off and we have the freedom of choice.
We can love and marry who we choose. But as we know with freedom comes responsibilities. We are responsible for someone else’s heart, life and feelings.

When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it’s the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.

Real love isn’t a euphoric, spontaneous feeling- it’s a deliberate choice- a plan to love each other for better and worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health.
For fatter and slimmer, for being successful and loosing your job, for getting and not getting corona.
As we know hope, faith and love are our 3 pillars for our life’s triangle.

And love the biggest, most important of them all.

Why do we associate red with love?

Well they are both the strongest emotion and colour.
Red has more emotional associations than any other colour.

This fiery hue is linked to passion, love and desire as well as power, anger or rage.

Red is inherently exciting and naturally draws attention.

Choosing red for your wedding shows you’re bold, passionate and aren’t afraid to make a statement.
Dress your bridesmaids in red and they will feel gorgeous and look stunning. Making them look amazing will compliment you and shows your passion and love for life and others.
There is a shade of red for every woman. You can choose deep blood red, bright apple red or sophisticated burgundy. They all show you have drive and determination and you prefer action, physical fulfillment and taking risks.

Red is inherently exciting and naturally draws attention.

And that is what we need when we get married.