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Covid 19 Wedding dress shopping

The year 2020.

We started this year with so many hopes and plans, thought that this year will be the year of great  prosperity. Twenty plenty. Then Corona threw us a curve ball. As the country go through the 5 levels of lockdown it is almost like the 5 levels of grief.

  1. Shock and denial 
  2. Anger 
  3. Bargaining 
  4. Depression 
  5. Acceptance

1.Shock and denial. Level 5

We were all shocked at the outbreak in China and the how quickly it spread in Europe, especially Italy.  We all thought this will not happen to us.  We were still planning our weddings dress fittings, designing our custom dresses for specific season and type of wedding.  We all thought No it’s not coming to South Africa. Typically thinking no this only happens to other people. Then it came...

2.Anger. Level 4

Then when Ramaposa announced the lockdown we were angry and disappointed. We could not have our dream wedding as we planned.  We cannot wear our gorgeous designer wedding gown. Everything is put on hold.

3.Bargaining. Level 3

At this stage we are all making plans as in how we can work around the virus. Change our business strategy. Change the way we consult with our brides. We do know that a beautiful stunning wedding dress is a bride’s basic human right. An essential right, so in other words as bridal designer I feel we are essential service. With today’s technology we can at least send pictures and chat online and get the first stages of dress consultation on the way. 

4.Depression. Level 2

We do feel sad and disappointed that we cannot have the wedding we planned. 

As Designer we are also sad, we are born to create magnificent draw dropping gowns and make dreams come true.

5.Acceptance. Level 1

We must accept our new normal. We must adjust our budget, instead of buying a custom-made dress you have the option to hire as well.  At New Romantics couture we have a large variety of dresses for hire. You can even have the best of both worlds and have your dream dress made and hire it instead of buying.

This is also a good time to support local designers and businesses, as imports are getting difficult and pricy.

Our actual designs also have an adjustment, the face masks.  At first, we were very annoyed by it but we can actually make it fun and accept the time we are in. just imagine the stories you can tell your kids one day.